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About Us

Admit It!!

Don’t you feel the morning is always a rush, where you tend to miss a lot of your time in dressing yourself up? Do you also get late by standing in a queue for your turn at a Salon? Don’t you wish if all your desired haircut and beard styling could be done at home?

Barberaa is just the perfect solution for you.. It’s a portal helping to turn your dreams into reality. With our professionals we promise to provide you with a wide range of salon services which would help you get the look you desire. Be it a party, an auspicious occasion, a formal meeting or a casual one, we are here to offer you all the grooming facilities at your desired space.

Our mission is to serve customers with integrity by being loyal to them. We value our customers as friends, where we bring back the grooming range you seek from Salon. With our skilled and creative professionals, we provide a friendly, personalized service while standing between both affordable and premium budgeted families.

Barberaa is where we provide you the grooming services you seek at your comfort zone at an affordable price.

Grooming is the secret of real elegance. The best clothes, the most wonderful jewels, the most glamorous bag don’t count without good grooming.

Often mentioned beauty fades with age but what if we seize aging and look young? Do you sometimes look back to the time where once you were complimented for the looks you had? With changing time and busy schedule, we often tend to forget to take care of our skin and hair and later end up using harmful cosmetics.

Your style is a mirror of your personality, it is an indicator of what you are and how you feel.

As the saying goes, “Life is not perfect but your hair can be.” From long hair to trending hairstyles, with skilled professionals, Barberaa provides you with the kinds of hair styles that would make you feel confident.

Massage is not just a luxury, it is a way to a happier life as it touches the body, calms the mind and heals the spirit. A good massage is all you need to be an active participant in your well being.

The love for healthy skin is a sign of good living, facial is the door to rejuvenate the shine of your face, with our professionals we seek in bringing the best out of you.

As the saying goes, “One can always trust a man with a well groomed beard.” From the latest trend to the classic look, our skilled professionals promise to give the look that you desire.

“Life is too short to have boring hair.” From smooth hair to desired hair colour, eye captures what it sees, at Barberaa we bestow upon you the best hair colour that suits you.

Our Story

Barberaa is the vision of the common people who once dreamed of experiencing grooming facilities at their home.

The determination to do something productive for the society by two best friends led to the idea of Barberaa. The idea came up during our college days, when we were pursuing ourGraduation in one of the most expensive cities where the cost of living was high.

Both of us being students and hailing from middle class families, had to keep our expenses in limit like many others. And being clean and well groomed is one of the keys that is to be followed in life, it is a necessity for everyone and not a luxury. So, whenever we visited a Salon we always ended up being in long queues waiting for our turn to be serviced which resulted in losing a lot of time which we think is the most precious of all.

On encountering all of this on a regular basis, one fine day while waiting in a queue for our turn in a Salon, we thought if we could do something that would make Salon services more convenient and affordable? That was the point which gave birth to the idea of a door – step salon service that would help in providing grooming services to people without having a physical store.

With proper discussion and implementation this idea brought our cost down drastically and we were able to provide the services at an affordable price which in addition would help people save their valuable time.

The determination to do something productive for the society by helping people choose products that supports their wellness and helps them feel gorgeous led us to give birth to the door – step grooming service which we decided to name Barberaa.